Over the years, I have given quite a lot of talks and I have been able to find the handouts for most (unfortunately, not all) of them on my harddrive:


  1. (Aristotelian) Essences, Ligerz, 14th of September (recording).
  2. Relational Intentionality in Aristotle, Ligerz, 13th of September.
  3. Charles on Aristotle on Essence, Ligerz, 13th of September (recording).
  4. Two Types of Grounding, Ligerz, 12th of September (part recording).
  5. The Road from Thebes to Athens, "Aristotle's De Anima From a Contemporary Perspective", Ligerz, 5th of July.
  6. Aristotle on Perception and Colours, "Aristotle's De Anima From a Contemporary Perspective", Ligerz, 4th of July.
  7. Aristotelian Forms and Representation by Identity, "Aristotle's De Anima From a Contemporary Perspective", Ligerz, 4th of July.
  8. Identity Problems in Physics?, research colloquium of the Philosophy of Science group, Lausanne, 13th of May (recording).
  9. Fragmentation by Contradiction, "Fragmentation in Mind and Reality", Ligerz, 31st of March.


  1. Paradoxes of Ground and the Mereology of Actions, eidos research colloquium, 25th of October (recording).
  2. Representation of Values, Ligerz, 25th of August (recording).
  3. Uptake of Form and the Nature of Colours, Ligerz, 24th of August (recording).
  4. Towards a Metaphysics of the Representation Relation, Ligerz, 23rd of August (recording).
  5. "If Aristotle is right about everything, he is right about place as well", International Surprise Workshop in Analytic Philosophy, Venice, 11th of July (recording).
  6. Leibnizian Space and Incongruent Counterparts, Ligerz, 30th of June (recording).
  7. Leibniz on the Reducibility of Relations, Ligerz, 30th of June (recording).
  8. Leibniz, Haecceitism and Existentialism, Ligerz, 29th of June (recording).
  9. Leibniz on Well-Founded Phenomena, Ligerz, 28th of June (recording).
  10. Leibniz and Contingency, Ligerz, 28th of June (recording).
  11. Grounding, Essence and Existence, Ligerz, 5th of June (recording).
  12. Qua and Causal Regresses, Ligerz, 4th of June (recording).
  13. La sceptique, la stoique, la cynique - trois personnages philosophiques, Neuchâtel, leçon probatoire, 9th of May (sound recording, slides, talk).
  14. Baxterian Aspects, Loose Counting and Extrinsic Entities, Ligerz, 29th of April.
  15. Aspects in Leibniz’s Reduction of Relations, Ligerz, 28th of April.
  16. Kantian Appearances as Aspects, Ligerz, 27th of April.
  17. The Skeptic, the Stoic and the Cynic, Fribourg, EXRE Colloquium, 18th of April (recording).
  18. Truthmaking – The Very Idea, Ringvorlesung “Wahrheit”, University of Zurich, 26th of March.
  19. Being, Totality and the Transcendentals, eidos colloquium, 8th of March.
  20. The Problem of the Transcendentals, Ligerz, 4th of March.
  21. Fragmentation of Being in Aristotle?, Ligerz, 2nd of March.
  22. Existence as / of Location, Ligerz, 2nd of March.
  23. Essence and Existence, Ligerz, 1st of March.
  24. Aristotle and the Problem of Relations, Ligerz, 28th of January.
  25. What on Earth are Aristotelian Forms?, Ligerz, 27th of January.


  1. There is no, and cannot be any, logic of grounding, eidos colloquium, 14th of December.
  2. Infinite regress arguments for a first mover, Lucerne, 11th of December.
  3. Relations in Aristotle, Fribourg doctoral colloquium, 1st of December.
  4. Essence and Existence, 10 years of eidos, Geneva, 23th of November.
  5. Is Being Said in Many Ways?, Ligerz, 11th of November.
  6. How Processes are in Time, Ligerz, 10th of November.
  7. Why There is Something Rather than Nothing, Ligerz, 10th of November.
  8. The Kantian Copula, Ligerz, 9th of November.
  9. De l’utilité de la philosophie pour la vie de tous les jours / Von der Brauchbarkeit der Philosophie für das tägliche Leben, Vignes Pasquart Reben, Biel/Bienne, 4th of November.
  10. Extrinsic Entities: colours, Ligerz, 22th of October.
  11. Representation and Intentionality in a Framework of Aristotelian Powers, Ligerz, 21th of October.
  12. Structure and Aristotelian Forms, Ligerz, 20th of October.
  13. The Sceptic and the Stoic, two philosophical characters, Ligerz, 13th of September.
  14. Reactive Epistemology, Ligerz, 11th of September.
  15. Believing in Appearances, Workshop on observational properties, Fribourg, 8th of September.
  16. Contingent Necessary Truths, eidos research seminar, Geneva, 17th of May.
  17. How to Prove Your Existence, Ligerz, 23rd of April.
  18. Doubting per impossibile, Ligerz, 20th of April.
  19. The Analytic Method in Metaphysics, Ligerz, 20th of April.
  20. Everything is Positive, “The Metaphysics of Totality”, Glasgow, 31th of March.
  21. The Looks of Things, EXRE colloquium, Fribourg, 28th of March.
  22. Travis and Quine, Fribourg, doctoral colloquium, 17th of March.
  23. Kantian Appearances as Qua-Objects, Ligerz, 17th of February.


  1. Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing, International Meeting on the History of Medieval Logic, Geneva, 15th of December.
  2. Ontological Commitment: Quine and Beyond, Winter School "Ontological Commitment in Medieval Logic", 13th and 14th of December (second handout is here).
  3. Thomas Aquinas on Lust, Lucerne, 31st of October.
  4. Processes and the Instant of Change, eidos research seminar, Neuchâtel, 19th of October.
  5. Kantian Aspects, Ligerz, 13th of October.
  6. Extrinsic Existence, Ligerz, 13th of October.
  7. The Formulation of Physicalism, Ligerz, 13th of October.
  8. Differential applicability of relations in the context of the problem of converses, Ligerz, 25th of September.
  9. Mixtures and Hylomorphism, Ligerz, 24th of September.
  10. Extrinsic Entities, Ligerz, 23rd of September.
  11. Fundamentally, there are no relations, Ligerz, 22nd of September.
  12. comments on McFarland, "Causal Powers and Isomeric Chemical Kinds", Second Annual Meeting of the Society for the Metaphysics of Science, University of Geneva, 16th of September.
  13. Structuralism and relational individuation, Ground in Philosophy of Science, University of Geneva, 14th of September.
  14. Diophantus and the Analytic Method, "Introduction to Ancient Greek Mathematics", Dr. Michalis Sialaros, Berlin, 12th of July.
  15. Necessary Truths that Might be False, Doktorandenkolloquium des Lehrstuhls für Theoretische Philosophie, Humboldt University, Berlin, 27th of June.
  16. Kantian Aspects, Doktorandenkolloquium des Lehrstuhls für Klassische Deutsche Philosophie, Humboldt University, Berlin, 26th of May.
  17. The Metaphysics of Parts, "Aristotelian Themes in Contemporary Metaphysics", Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, 1st of May.
  18. Reconstructing the Transcendental Deduction, Werkstattgespräche, Humboldt University, Berlin, 12th of February.
  19. Contingent Essence, Doktorandenkolloquium des Lehrstuhls für Theoretische Philosophie, Humboldt University, Berlin, 1st of February.


  1. Aspects - in Kant and in general, Doktorandenkolloquium des Lehrstuhls für Klassische Deutsche Philosophie, Berlin, 10th of December
  2. Processes and the Instant of Change, conference "Limit Decision Problem - Medieval and Contemporary Perspectives", Excellence Cluster Topoi, Berlin, 20th of November (the draft paper is here).
  3. Truthmaking is Explanation by Things, Institutskolloquium des Philosophischen Seminars der Universität Göttingen, 11th of November.
  4. Discrimination is about Politics, not Ethics, Commentary on Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Born Free and Equal? A Philosophical Enquiry into the Nature of Discrimination (OUP 2013), 10th Nomos meeting, Berlin, 28th of September.
  5. Horizontal Grounding, conference "Truth and Grounds", Monte Verità, Ascona, 25th of May (draft paper is here).
  6. Intervention in the TV show "Ma parole", TSR, 8th of April.
  7. Egocentric judgements: multiple, but perspectival, eidos colloquium, Neuchâtel 25th of March.


  1. Meta-metametaphysics, eidos colloquium, Neuchâtel 3rd of December.
  2. Truthmaking, Grounding and Metaphysical Explanation, workshop "Necessary Connections", Glasgow 3rd of May.
  3. Lesser Entities, Institutskolloquium, Tübingen, 23rd of April.
  4. Determinable Universals, Geneva, 28th of March.
  5. Contingent Essence, PMS series of talks, Barcelona, 14th of March.
  6. What Numbers Might Be, PoL seminar, Barcelona, 13th of March.
  7. A Structuralist Account of Logical Consequence, PoL seminar, Barcelona, 6th of February.


  1. Fundamentally, there are no relations, Logos seminar, Barcelona, 13th of November.
  2. Truthmaking is Explanation by Things, PMS series of talks, Barcelona, 8th of November.
  3. Baxterian Aspects and Qua Objects, "Themes from Baxter II", Ligerz, 23rd of October.
  4. Intrinsic, but Relational, "Themes from Baxter II", Ligerz, 22nd of October.
  5. Continuant Processes, "Ontology of Mind", Ligerz, 17th of September.
  6. Qua Qua Qua, Fine conference, Lago di Comabbio, 1st of August.
  7. What is a Word?, Fine conference, Lago di Comabbio, 31st of July.
  8. Contingent Essence, Fine conference, Lago di Comabbio, 29th of July.
  9. Seeing-As, ESPP conference, Granada, 11th of July.
  10. Stuff and Distributional Properties, 61st eidos workshop, 7th of June.
  11. Kit Fine on Mixtures, 61st eidos workshop, 6th of June.
  12. Seeing-as and Schelerian Wertfühlen, Madrid, 21st of May.
  13. The Ontology of Relations, Themes from the Philosophy of John Heil, Lausanne, 1st of May.
  14. Seeing-as and ephemeral percepta, Geneva, 15th of March.
  15. There is no, and cannot be, such a thing as relative truth, workshop with Paul Horwich, Geneva, 16th of January.


  1. Participation à la table ronde Le jour où les poules auront des dents, Geneva, Musée d'histoire des sciences, 17th of December.
  2. Wen liebe ich?, outreach event, Berne, 1st of November.
  3. Contingent Explanation, 59th eidos meeting, Geneva, 28th of October.
  4. Bradley's Regress, 59th eidos meeting, Geneva, 27th of October.
  5. Défendant un dogme, et: pourquoi il n'y a pas de relations, PhilEAs, Geneva, 25th of October.
  6. Bundle theory made relational?, "The Metaphysics of Science: Objets, Relations and Structures", Lausanne, 12th of October.
  7. Seeing As and Ephemeral Percepta, "Perceptual Ephemera and other non-canonical objects of perception", Geneva, 26th of September.
  8. Semantic Relationalism and the Metaphysics of Words, 56th eidos meeting ("What Did We Learn From Twodimensionalism?"), 6th of July. [not given, as we had to rush to the hospital for Aurora's birth]
  9. Expressivism About Belief, 54th eidos meeting ("Imperatives, Truth and Relativism"), 18th of June (draft paper is here).
  10. There is no such thing as relative truth, 54th eidos meeting ("Imperatives, Truth and Relativism"), 17th of June.
  11. Grounding objective resemblance - the truthmaker argument for the existence of universals, x is P at t - Topics in the Metaphysics of Properties, Istituto di Studi Filosofici Lugano, 4th of June.
  12. Aspects, many-one identity and stages - different routes to the same destination?, 53th eidos meeting ("Themes from Baxter"), 28th of May.
  13. Exemplification, Parthood and Constitution, 53th eidos meeting ("Themes from Baxter"), 27th of May.
  14. Aspects and Respects, 53th eidos meeting ("Themes from Baxter"), 26th of May.
  15. Fundamentality, Grounding and Dependence, Glasgow, 15th of May.
  16. Representation: relational, but intrinsic, SOPHA Paris, 6th of May (draft paper is here).
  17. Why there are no relations, eidos research colloquium, 2nd of May.
  18. Racisme et bêtise, interview with the French radio station "Radio France Internationale", Caroline Lachowsky, Autour de la question, 2nd of May.
  19. Lessons from Russell, 52th eidos meeting ("Moore, Russell, etc."), 28th of April.
  20. L'énigme de la représentation, research seminar Neuchâtel, 28th of February.
  21. Grounding Modality in Essence, "Logic and Metaphysics of Essence", Istituto di Filosofia Applicata ISFA, Lugano, 13th of January.


  1. Theories of time, presentism, persistence and the real problem of change, Geneva, 14th of December.
  2. Humean Supervenience - Not Quite Dead Yet, Hume's Metaphysics and Humean Metaphysics, Tampere, Finland, 4th of June.
  3. Exemplification as Parthood, Geneva, 11th of June.
  4. What Universals Essentially Are, Geneva, 10th of June.
  5. Heterogeneous Simples, Geneva, 29th of May.
  6. Representation and intentionality: where intrinsicness/extrinsicness and non-/relationality crosscut, Geneva, 28th of May.
  7. Fundamentally, there are no relations, Geneva, 17th of May.
  8. comments on Gonçalo Santos, Unlimited Possibilities, GVA-BCN meeting, Barcelona, 12th of May.
  9. In Favour of Determinable Universals, Geneva, 23rd of April.
  10. Why There Are No Tropes, Geneva, 22nd of April.
  11. Rigid Reference is Existential Dependence, eidos research seminar, Geneva, 6th of April.
  12. Truthmaking is Explanation by Things, Geneva, 2nd of April.
  13. Lesser Entities, Geneva, 4th of March.
  14. What Descartes Said, Meant and Was Right About, eidos research seminar, Geneva, 2nd of March.
  15. Expressivism about Belief, Sinergia series of talks, Geneva, 28th of February.


  1. Contingent Essence, first PETAF workshop, Geneva, 10th of December.
  2. Relacionismo Semántico y la Metafísica de las Palabras, Celebración Filosófica I: Identidad y Modalidad, Instituto Tecnológico de la Costa Grande, Zihuatanejo, 5th of November.
  3. Contingent Explanations, workshop on Contingentism, Geneva, 25th of September (draft paper is here).
  4. Fundamentalmente, no hay relaciones, Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México, Academia de Filosofía e Historia de las ideas, 26th of May.
  5. comments on Adam Pautz, Disjunctivism and Knowledge of Color, Taller sobre la Percepción y el Lenguaje del Color, 20th of May.
  6. Acerca de lo que no hay, Seminario Principhia, Filosofía en Tezonco, Mexico D.F., 26th of May.
  7. Why Bradley's regress is harmless, Primer Congreso de la Asociacion de Filosofía Analítica de América Latina, Méerida, Yucatan, 16th of April (a draft paper is here).
  8. comments on Kathrin Koslicki, Dependence, Constituency and Explanation, workshop on Grounding, Explanation, and Dependence, University of Geneva, 26th of March.
  9. Superveniencia sin cajas y rombos, Seminario de investigadores, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, UNAM, 24th of March.


  1. Fundamentally, there are no relations, International Colloquium "The Metaphysics of Relations", Aix en Provence, 11th of December.
  2. Worldy Perspectivality, 14th eidos meeting, Geneva, 7rd of December.
  3. Non-Catastrophic Presupposition Failure, UNAM, Mexico, 23rd of November.
  4. The Argument from Vagueness in Favour of Four-Dimensionalism, UNAM, Mexico, 30th of October.
  5. Perspectival Facts, SOPHA 2009, Geneva, 2nd of September.
  6. Epistemic Oughts and Mights, Geneva, 4th of August.
  7. An Adverbialist Solution to the Problem of Temporary Intrinsics, The Metaphysics of Time and Change, Turku, 5th of June.
  8. Every Thing Is Positive, 15th eidos workshop, Geneva, 30th of May.
  9. Descartes: l'illusion, le rêve, le fou et le malin génie, Découvrir la Philosophie, Geneva, 25th of April.
  10. Ontological explanation: by things, contingent, and never partial, Metametaphysical workshop, Ghent, 23th of April.
  11. comments on Dennis Perrin, "L'indexicalité égologique à travers le temps: la notion de perspective temporelle", Journées de Référence, Grenoble, 6th of April.
  12. Le paradoxe de Newcomb et le dilemme des prisonniers, Découvrir la Philosophie, Geneva, 28th of March.
  13. The Metaphysics of Vectors, Geneva, 4th of March.
  14. L'intelligence, est-elle héritable?, Geneva, 21st of February.
  15. interview with "dare-dare" of the French Swiss Radio, Lausanne, 19th of February.


  1. How properties and relations are had, Fribourg, 15th of December.
  2. Why Bradley's regress is harmless, conference on Bradley's regress, Geneva, 7th of December (a draft paper is here).
  3. Structural Realism - the worst of both worlds? (with Stephan Leuenberger), Grenoble, "Métaphysique de la science", 1st of December.
  4. An A-Theory of the Self (with Olivier Massin), Fribourg, 10th of November.
  5. Dependance, operators and functions, Palmyr, Paris, 7th of October.
  6. Les théories de conspiration - incroyable, même si el les sont vraies?, Festival de Philosophie, Geneva, 28th of September (paper draft is here).
  7. Ontic Structuralism - the worst of both worlds, SIFA, Bergamo, 26th of September (paper draft is here).
  8. Armstrong on Truthmaking, 8th eidos meeting, Geneva, 3rd of September.
  9. Truthmakers and Explanation, ECAP6, Kraków, 21th of August.
  10. Defining Time in Terms of Change, 7th eidos meeting, Geneva, 20th of August.
  11. Fundamentality, 7th eidos meeting, Geneva, 18th of August.
  12. Supervenience is nothing modal, eidos metaphysics conference, Geneva, 15th of July.
  13. Comments on Sanna Hirvonnen, "Unger's hypothesis of semantic relativity", 5th eidos/logos meeting, Barcelona, 4th of June.
  14. Towards a Metaphysics of Knowledge, Keith Hossack symposium, Berne, 31th of May.
  15. Reducing Relations Again, 13th sequitur conference, Berne, 29th of May.
  16. Paradoxes of Irrationality, SPG meeting "Forms of Irrationality", 23rd of May.
  17. Contingent Essence, Leeds CMM research seminar, 25th of April.
  18. Semantic Relationism and the Metaphysics of Words, Geneva, 14th of February.


  1. Self-explanatory explanations, Geneva, 21th of December.
  2. Vers une métaphysique de la connaissance, Geneva, 13th of December.
  3. Necessary Existents, Geneva, 20th of November.
  4. Contingent Essence, Frankfurt, 6th of November.
  5. Essence and Modality (again), thesis defense, 19th of October.
  6. Racial Epiteths, David Kaplan conference Berne, 24th of September.
  7. In Defense of Metaphysical Vagueness, SEFA Barcelona, 7th of September.
  8. Resisting Counterevaluatives, ESPP Geneva, 12th of July.
  9. Comments on Mark Heller, "The Donkey Problem", Ovronnaz, 3rd of July.
  10. Metaphysical Vagueness, Ovronnaz, 3rd of July.
  11. n-dimensionalism, Geneva, 4th of April.
  12. The Reducibility of Relations, SPS Geneva, 30th of March.
  13. Getting a Grip: Ontological Commitment and Truthmaking, IHPST Paris, 23rd of March (the draft paper is here).
  14. Intrinsicness and Spacetime, Scienze e Ontologia research group, Roma Tre, 12th of March.


  1. What Universals Essentially Are, metaphysics summerschool Geneva, 1st of November.
  2. Contingent Essence, metaphysics summerschool Geneva, 31st of October.
  3. How to Tell Universals From Particulars, "meaning"-workshop, Berne, 12th of October (handout is here).
  4. Might I have had another Life?, VII International Ontology Congress, San Sebastian, 6th of October.
  5. Contingent Essence, GAP, Berlin, 12th of September.
  6. La croyance n'est pas une relation, SOPHA, Aix-en-Provence, 2nd of September.
  7. Belief is Not a Relation, ESPP, Belfast, 25th of August.
  8. Not Quite Like Clouds - Defending Metaphysical Vagueness, vagueness workshop, Ovronnaz, 24th of June.
  9. What Philosophy Is, bi-annual meeting of the Swiss Society for Philosophy, Neuchâtel, 19th of May.
  10. Might There Be Nothing?, Geneva, 4th of May.
  11. Contingent Essence, metaphysics summerschool Geneva, 20th of April.
  12. Contingent Truthmaking, metaphysics summerschool Geneva, 18th of April.
  13. Disbelieving the Skeptics Without Proving Them Wrong, metaphysics summerschool Geneva, 12th of April.
  14. Détérmination essentielle, PhilEAs research seminar, Geneva, 6th of April.
  15. Is Belief a Propositional Attitude?, 8th national sequitur meeting, 1st of April.
  16. Is Belief a Relation?, PhilEAs research seminar, Geneva, 30th of March.
  17. Contingent Essence, graduate seminar, Fribourg, 23rd of January.


  1. Not Quite Like Links in A Chain: Exemplification and the Unity of the Proposition, Geneva, 16th of November.
  2. Comments on Fabrice Correia, "Four-Dimensionalism and the Modal Problem of Coincidence", Geneva, 15th of November.
  3. Comments on Marta Campdelacreu i Arqués, "Vagueness and Temporal Parts", 2nd GVA-BCN meeting, Geneva, 4th of November.
  4. What, if anything, is Swiss philosophy?, Lauener Price Ceremony, Berne, 28th of October.
  5. Emotions and their formal objects, 'Emotion, rationality and moral philosophy', Neuchâtel, 27th of October.
  6. Truthmaking is not necessitation, ECAP5, Lisbon, 30th of August.
  7. Truthmaking is not necessitation, AAP, Sydney , 4th of July.
  8. The Tao of Metaphysics (with Elena Casetta), international colloquium `On Identity: Ontological Perspectives', Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, 26th of May (draft paper here).
  9. Truthmakers enough, RSSS/Philsoc seminar ANU, 5th of May.
  10. Descriptivism Reloaded? (comments on Sam Cumming), Harvard/MIT graduate conference, 20th of March.
  11. The Epidemiology of Names, "Friends and Eminees" seminar at MIT/Harvard, 5th of February.


  1. A World of Truthmakers?, "Twenty Years After" - colloquium on truthmakers in Aix-en-Provence, 11th of December (draft paper here).
  2. Le Tao de la Métaphysique (with Elena Casetta), graduate research seminar Geneva, 4th of November.
  3. Analyticity Ontologised? (with Gian-Andri Töndury), Fifth Swiss Philosophy Graduate Conference, 23rd of October.
  4. Tropes, in- and outside of time, Geneva graduate school on abstract entities, 5th of July.
  5. How to tell particulars from universals, Geneva graduate school on abstract entities, 3rd of July.
  6. What natural numbers might be, Geneva graduate school on abstract entities, 8th of June.
  7. Qua qua qua, Geneva graduate school on abstract entities, 6th of June (draft paper here, a slightly later one here).
  8. Towards a metaphysics of relations, Geneva graduate school on abstract entities, 4th of June.
  9. No relations, first Geneva-Barcelona meeting of graduate students in philosophy, 29th of May.
  10. A la recherche d'une métaphysique des relations, graduate research seminar Neuchâtel, 18th of May.
  11. The Thickness of A-intensions, Geneva graduate school on abstract entities, 7th of May (longer draft here).
  12. Supervenience and Dependence, Geneva graduate school on abstract entities, 6th of May (draft paper here).
  13. The Metaphysics of Adverbs, Geneva graduate school on abstract entities, 29th of April.
  14. Against the Necessity of Necessity, Geneva graduate school on abstract entities, 26th of March.
  15. Is "0" a Singular Term?, national logic colloquium Neuchâtel, 20th of March.
  16. Quelques réflexions sur la logique des adverbes, logic colloquium Neuchâtel, 21th of January.


  1. How to tell Universals from Particulars, Arché graduate conference, 4th of September.
  2. Moore's paradox, pragmatic indefensibility and skepticism, 26th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, 4th of August.
  3. Moore and Skepticism, graduate student seminar Oxford, 15th of May.
  4. Might I Have Had Another Life?, Geneva, 13th of March.
  5. Logical Consequence: A Two-Dimensional Account, graduate student colloquium Fribourg, 20th of January.
  6. Ramsey's paradox, graduate student colloquium Neuchâtel, 7th of January.


  1. Comments on Miscevic, "The Explainability of Intuitions", Workshop "Intuition and Epistemology" Fribourg, 30th of November.
  2. Si p alors q - Une introduction à la philosophie du sexe, graduate student colloquium Geneva, 6th of December.
  3. Qua qua qua, Fourth European Congress for Analytic Philosophy, ECAP-4 Lund, 16th of June.
  4. What is a logic of information, "Inference and Deduction", Münchenwiler, 5th of July.
  5. Can two-dimensionalists acquire concepts? (poster presentation), Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, ASSC-6, 1st of June.
  6. Descartes on contingent modal truths and how much you can doubt, graduate student colloquium Neuchâtel, 7th of May.
  7. Est-ce qu'il y a une paix juste? (with Fabrice Teroni), public conference of the departement of philosophy at the university of Geneva, 23th of April.
  8. How to think yourself into existence, graduate student colloquium Zurich, 16th of January.


  1. Qua qua qua, graduate student colloquium Geneva, 16th of November (draft paper).
  2. What are formal concepts?, 24th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, 17th of August.
  3. n-Dimensionalism, II Barcelona Workshop on Issues in the Theory of Reference, Barcelona, 30th of June (click here for the slides, here for the talk and here for the paper).
  4. Might water not be watery?, graduate student colloquium Fribourg, 18th of June.
  5. What Singletons Could Be, Russell Centennial Conference, Munich, 5th of June.
  6. Membership, graduate student colloquium Fribourg, 21th of May.
  7. Disbelieving the Sceptic without Proving Him Wrong, graduate student colloquium Geneva, 12th of April.


  1. Exemplification, graduate student colloquium Geneva, 27th of October.
  2. Information Flow - The Logic of Distributed Systems, colloquium on deductive aspects of proof theory and computer science, Munich, 21th of December.
  3. Die transzendentale Deduktion der Kategorien - Versuch einer Darstellung, IX. international Kant congress, Berlin, 27th of March (click here for the paper).