Themes of contemporary metaphysics

UNAM, Spring Term 2010

4 Créditos, Programa 40, Posgrado en Filosofía

Tuesdays 16.15-18

Aula 4, IIF

The course will be given in English, though students may talk in Spanish (or French or German).

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Introduction: three distinctions

Introduction (ch. 0 of my thesis)


Ontological commitment, aboutness, truthmaking

Quine, 1948. "On What There Is"

Grounding Truth in Being (ch. 4)


Contingent Essence

Fine, 1994. "Essence and Modality"

Contingent Essence


Amodal supervenience

Leuenberger, 2008. "Supervenience in Metaphysics"

Amodal supervenience


Wrap-up on essence and modality: truthmaking -- explanation by things

Rodríguez-Pereyra, 2005. "Why Truthmakers"

Truthmaking: explanation by things


Propositions and the like

Iacona, 2003. "Are There Propositions?"

Every Thing Is Positive
McGrath 2007, "Propositions" (Stanford Encyclopedia)


Universals, tropes and states of affairs

Armstrong, 1993. "A World of States of Affairs"

Bacon, 1997. "Tropes".
Wetzel, 2003. "States of Affairs"


Intrinsic vs. extrinsic properties

Weatherson, 2002. "Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Properties"



Fine, 2000. "Neutral Relations"




Exemplification as parthood


Structural properties, mixtures and extended simples


Qua objects

Bits and pieces


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Introduction: two paradigms of contemporary metaphysics (week 1)
Foundations (weeks 3-4)
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Properties (weeks 5-6)
  1. the truthmaker argument for properties:
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Metaphysical glue (weeks 7-8)
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Objects (weeks 9-12)
  1. mereological essentialism: Chisholm, Roderick M., 1973. "Parts as Essential to Their Wholes". Review of Metaphysics 26: 581−603. Reprinted in Chisholm (1989, 65−82), reserved
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Example questions

Guide to the literature

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General introductions:





Books on the seminar shelf at the IIF library

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