The Problem of Representation

University of Lucerne, autumn term 2018
BA/MA Seminar, Monday 12-14

What is the mind? What does it contain, what does it produce and what does it take in? What are ideas - mental particulars, patterns of processes, bits of information, properties of subjects, blurry images? What are perceptions, emotions, beliefs, feelings, moods, memories and headaches? How do they acquire content and what do they do with it? Indeed, what does it mean that they have content at all?

The seminar is related to, but independent of, the lecture on the The Metaphysics of the Mind I am giving during autumn term 2018 on Mondays, 8-10.

While the lecture treats issues roughly chronologically, the seminar proceeds systematically.

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Here is a preliminary version of the compiled version of the course material.

Thanks a lot for the course, which I found interesting. Your evaluation is here.







Introduction, the Argument from Illusion

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Adverbialism about Perception

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Looks and Feelings of Values

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Logical Complexity and the Negation Problem

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Primary and Secondary Qualities

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Relativism and Normativity

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Moore against Skepticism

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Truth and the Objects of Belief

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The Magic of Reference: Names as Traces

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The Insides of Names: n-Dimensionalism

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Expressivism about Belief

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The Temporality of Representation

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The Question of Solipsism, and Qua-Objects

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