Objects and Properties


Financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation, supported by department of philosophy of the University of Geneva and in close cooperation with the series of talks organised by PhilEAs, the association of students in philosophy at the University of Geneva (which is subsidised by the Commission de la Gestion des Taxes Fixes of the University of Geneva) and the "Emotions, Values, and Norms" research project of the NCCR center of competence in affective sciences (dir: Kevin Mulligan), Kevin Mulligan (Geneva), Gianfranco Soldati (Fribourg), Michael Esfeld (Lausanne), Fabrice Teroni (Geneva) and I are organising a summer school ("├ęcole doctorale"/"Graduiertenkurs") on mind and metaphysics during summer term 2006. The school consists in four workshops on different topics.

cClls for papers

Corresponding to the workshops, there are three calls for discussion papers, to be presented during the workshop. Discussion papers do not have to be well-polished publishable articles. The submitted written version will be distributed to all participants of the workshop - the oral presentation of about 20 minutes only summarises the argument. Presentations are in English, though papers may be in other languages too. Here are possible topics (all disjunctions are inclusive):

  • papers on relativism, epistemic modalities, knowledge of logic or work by Crispin Wright. Deadline: 8 April.
  • papers on (alethic) modalities, possible worlds, modal logic or work by Daniel Nolan, Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra or John Divers. Deadline: 15 April.
  • papers on emotions or related work by Bennett Helm, Michael Frede, Simo Knuuttila or Robert Roberts. Deadline: 1 July.

Invited speakers: Frank Arntzenius, Dean Zimmerman, Friederike Moltmann, Mark Textor, Manfred Kupffer
funded partially by the Fondation Boninchi, "The Formal Ontology of Properties and Relations"
Date: 31 October - 1 November


  • Tuesday: Saint-Ours 019. This is at rue Saint-Ours 5, at the end of the corridor to your right after you enter the building.
  • Wednesday: A 208, on the second floor of "Aile Jura" (this is the left wing of the main university building "Bastions")

Program (click here for a pdf version):

  • Tuesday, October 31:
    • 9h00-10h30: Manfred Kupffer, Object Supervenience (a copy of a related paper is available to participants here)
    • 10h30-12h00: Philipp Keller, Contingent Essence
    • 14h00-15h15: Massin Oliver, Forces as Symmetrical Relations (a copy of the paper is available to participants here)
    • 15h30-17h00: Mark Textor, Thoughts - Structured or Not? (click here for an abstract, a copy of a related paper is available to participants here)
    • 17h15-18h45: Dean Zimmerman, The A-Theory of Time (copies of two related papers are available to participants here and here)
  • Wednesday, November 1:
    • 9h00-10h15: Luc Schneider, Four-category ontology as a formal system (a copy of the paper is available to participants here)
    • 11h00-12h30: Philipp Keller, What universals essentially are
    • 12h30-14h00: Friederike Moltmann, Reference to Tropes (click here for an abstract, a copy of a related paper is available to participants here)
    • 16h15-17h45: Frank Arntzenius, Gunk (copies of two related paper are available to participants here and here here)