The Metaphysics of Vectors

From the 20th to the 21th of October 2007, the Department of Philosophy, in collaboration with eidos, the newly created Centre of Metaphysics in Geneva, the Swiss National Science Foundation organises a three-day workshop of the summerschool 2007 in metaphysics. This conference follows a triplet of thesis defenses, which will take place at the University of Geneva on Friday morning (Philipp Keller), Friday afternoon (Luc Schneider) and Saturday morning (Pierre Grenon). It is part of the FNS research project "Properties and Relations".

The program is downloadable here.

Invited speakers: John Bigelow (Monash), Peter Simons (Leeds), Stephan Leuenberger (Leeds), Daniel Nolan (Nottingham), Barry Smith (Buffalo/Saarbrücken), Ralf Busse (Regensburg).

Participants and commentators: Ingvar Johansson (Saarbrücken), Fraser MacBride (Birkbeck), Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers).

On Friday, 19 October, and on Saturday morning, 20 October, there will be three thesis defenses and a talk by Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers).

Friday, 19 October

Location: B111 ("Bastions", 1st floor)

  • 9-12, thesis defense Philipp Keller, "e - Formal Concepts in a Material World. Truthmaking and Exemplification as Types of Determination" (click here for a pdf version)
  • 3-6, thesis defense Luc Schneider, "Kinds of Instances. A logical and metaphysical inquiry into the Ontological Square"
  • 6-8, Dean Zimmerman, "From Property Dualism to Substance Dualism"
Saturday, 20 October

Location: A206 ("Aile Jura", 2nd floor)

  • 9-12, thesis defense Pierre Grenon, "On Relations"
Saturday, 20 October

Location: L208 (department building [2, rue de Candolle], 2nd floor)

  • 3-4.30, Peter Simons, Vectors and Beyond: Geometric Algebra and its Philosophical Significance
  • 5-6.30, Daniel Nolan, Finite Quantities (and vectors)
Sunday, 21 October

Location: L208

  • 9.30-11, Barry Smith, How the Philosophy of Science can Help Biomedical Research
  • 11.30-1, John Bigelow, Vectors and the passage of time
  • 3-4.30, Stephan Leuenberger, Counterparts of Vectors
  • 5-6.30, Ralf Busse, The Humean's fundamental vector fields

Inquiries / Registration

Registration is free and everyone is welcome. Please notify Philipp Keller if you plan to attend.