eidos -- the Centre in Metaphysics of the University of Geneva

Third eidos meeting, 20th to 21th December, Geneva

Thursday, 20th of December

  • 9.26 bus E departs from Rive
  • 10-10.30: state of the project, progress reports
  • 10.30-12: Fabian Dorsch, Novel sounds: the individuality of repeatable artworks
  • 14-15.30: Andri Töndury, Inferential Internalism
  • 15.30-17.30: Ghislain Guigon, The Resemblist vs Anti-resemblist Debate
  • 18-20: Fabrice Correia & Sven Rosenkrantz, As Time Goes By
  • 20.30 PhilEAs dinner

Friday, 21st of December

  • 9.26 bus E departs from Rive
  • 10-11: Jessica Leech, Proper parts of predicates: securing the copula
  • 11-12 Johannes Stern, Quantifying In
  • 14-15.30 Christian Wüthrich, Challenging the spacetime structuralist
  • 16-17.30: Philipp Keller, Why explanations can't explain themselves
  • 18-19: eidos round table discussion, plans
  • 20.30 dinner at the Echalotte


The conference takes place at the beautifully located "Villa Boninchi" on the shore of Lake Geneva, at route de Hermance 249b, 1246 Corsier GE.

The bus takes 18 minutes from Rive to Nant-d'Aisy and departs at 9.26 am from Rive on Thursday and Friday.