10th Meeting of Swiss Graduate Students in Philosophy: "Me, Myself and I"

Sequitur -- Swiss association of graduate students in philosophy

Place and Location

The 10th sequitur meeting will take place at the University of Berne, in the "UniS" building, on the second floor, in the room A 201.

UniS is located very close to the station, at Schanzeneckstrasse 1, 3012 Bern.

Printable documents

Click here for a poster, and here for the call for papers.

Keynote Speakers

Plenary speakers

Thursday, June 21

The conference in Berne is preceded by a talk in Geneva which is part of the PhilEAs series of talks. Everyone's welcome to attend.

Friday morning, departure from Geneva at 8.45 AM (meeting point: big hall of the railway station). Arrival at Berne at 10.26 AM.

Friday, June 22

10.45-11.30 Eva Weber-Guskar Genuine Emotions Abstract
11.30-12.15 Nora Kreft Teleosemantics and Self-Knowledge Abstract
12.15-13 Ivo Walliman Equal Opportunity and Emotions Abstract
14.15-15.45 Sabine Döring Can weakness of will be rational? Abstract
16-16.45 Julien Dutant Knowing one's (inexact) knowledge Abstract
17.30 Lauener Foundation Prize Award Ceremony at the Zentrum Paul Klee
21 conference dinner at the Brasserie Obstberg

Saturday, June 23

9-9.45 Reto Givel Acting qua me, qua me now, qua one of us? The ontological status of agents Abstract
9.45-10.30 Juliette Gloor Collective Intentionality and Non-Reductionism about Moral Reasons Abstract
11-11.45 >Íngrid Vendrell Ferran Emotion and Imagination: Reality and Authenticity of Emotions. Abstract
11.45-12.30 Christian Seidel Agential Authority, My Self, and Reasons of My Own Abstract
13.30-14.15 Christian Budnik Human Agency, Naturalism, and the First Person Abstract
14.15-15.45 Gianfranco Soldati Problems of Self-Conciousness Abstract
16.15-17 Akiko Frischhut First Person Realism Abstract
17.15-18.45 Jan Slaby< Feelings, personhood, and self-understanding Abstract
20.30 Cie Philippe Saire, "Est-ce que je peux me permettre d'attirer..." programme video
21.30 conference dinner at the Dampfzentrale


Optional: boat ride on the Aare (bring bathing suits and register below)