eidos launch conference

13-15 September 2007

From the 13th to the 15th of September 2007, the Department of Philosophy, in collaboration with eidos, the newly created Centre of Metaphysics in Geneva, the Swiss National Science Foundation organises a three-day workshop of the summerschool 2007 in metaphysics. This eidos launch conference marks the start of the research project "Properties and Relations". The first day is devoted to subproject C of this project, on Values and Norms in Aesthetics and Epistemology, the second day is a David Lewis memorial meeting within the subproject A in Metaphysics, while the third consists of a workshop in the philosophy of physics (subproject B).

The program is downloadable here.


Thursday 10 - 1.30: Epistemology

Invited speaker: Carrie Jenkins, Nottingham


  • 10-11.30 Carrie Jenkins, A Priori Knowledge:Debates and Developments
  • 12-1h15 Andri Töndury, Pragmatic Accounts of the Good Epistemic Standing of Basic Belief-Formation

Thursday 2.30 - 6: Aesthetics

Invited speaker: Andrew McGonigal, Leeds


  • 3-4.30 Fabian Dorsch, The Recognition of Aesthetic Qualities
  • 5-6.30 Andrew McGonigal, Art, value, and character

Friday: 10 - 6 Themes from the Philosophy of David Lewis

Invited speakers: Andreas Hüttemann (Münster), Wolfgang Schwarz (Berlin), Ralph Busse (Regensburg).


  • 10-11.30 Stephan Leuenberger, Metaphysical Probability
  • 12-1.30 Andreas Hüttemann, Some Problems with Lewis's Conception of Laws
  • 3-4.30 Wolfgang Schwarz, Elementary Beings
  • 5-6.30 Ralf Busse, Natural Properties, Physical Quantities and Vectorial Fields

Saturday 10.45 - 2: Philosophy of Physics

Invited speaker: Michael Esfeld, Lausanne


  • 10.45-12.15 Michael Esfeld, Structures and Functional Properties
  • 12.45-2 Wrap Up Discussion


The launch conference takes place at the beautifully located "Villa Boninchi" on the shore of Lake Geneva, at route de Hermance 249b, 1246 Corsier GE.

The bus takes 18 minutes from Rive to Nant-d'Aisy and departs at 9.26 am from Rive on Thursday and Friday (when we start at 10) and at 10.15 on Saturday (when we start at 10.45). The full timetable is here.

Inquiries / Registration

Registration is free and everyone is welcome. Please notify Philipp Keller if you plan to attend.