eidos -- the Centre in Metaphysics of the University of Geneva

Eight eidos meeting, 3rd to 4th September 2008, Geneva

Location: B302, 3rd floor Bastions.

Wednesday, 3rd of September

  • 10.15-11 Philipp Keller, Armstrong: Truth and Truthmakers
  • 11-12 Philipp Keller, A Reconstruction of the Cogito
  • 14-16 Christian Wüthrich, Conceivability and possibility: a tutorial
  • 16-18 Alexander Kellenberger, Sets as Enumerations

Thursday, 4th of September

  • 10.15-12 Kevin Mulligan, Because and Analysis
  • 14-15 Philipp Keller, Semantic Relationism and the Metaphysics of Words
  • 15-16 Philipp Keller, Ontological Vagueness
  • 16-17 Philipp Keller, Contingent Essence
  • 17-18 Philipp Keller, Hossack and Negative Facts


For all inquiries, please contact the organiser, Philipp Keller.