Launch conference of the Sinergia project

Seventeenth eidos workshop, 6-8 December 2009

Confirmed speakers: Stephan Leuenberger, Tobias Rosefeldt, Dean Zimmerman.

This is the launch workshop of the new sinergia project "Intentionality - the Mark of the Mental. Metaphysical Perspectives on Contemporary Philosophy of Mind. One of the aims of the workshop is to do some productive brainstorming about the problem of perspectivality, as it relates to metaphysics and the philosophies of language, mind and emotion.

The conference starts on the 7th (morning) and ends at noon of the 8th of December.


Sunday, 6th of December:

  • [optional] 7.00 meeting in front of the "Comédie"
  • [optional] 7.30 fondue at the "Bain des Pâquis" (quai du Mont-Blanc 30, 1201 Genève, Switzerland, 0227322974):

Monday, 7th of December (Uni Dufour: morning U0101, afternoon: U0103)

  • 8.45 meeting in front of the department:
  • 9-10 presentation of the project, short talks by the project members
  • 10-12 Tobias Rosefeldt, Kantian Appearances, Secondary Qualities, and Dispositions (the interpretation of Kantian appearances as bearers of subject-dependent properties is based on a passage from the second edition of the Critique of pure reason: B 69 - 72, including the footnote)
  • 14-16 Stephan Leuenberger, An argument for recombination
  • 16-18 Philipp Keller, Perspectival Facts
  • [optional] 6.00 le philomaton mobile
  • [optional] 8.00 dinner at the "Vieux Martin" (rue Prévost-Martin 31,1205 Genève, Switzerland, 0223299102):

Tuesday, 8th of December (Uni Dufour: U0103)

  • 9-11 Dean Zimmerman (property dualism/sense data/adverbialist theories of appearing all leading up to substance dualism)
  • 11-12 wrap-up discussion
  • [optional] 12-13 dialectica meeting
  • [optional] 13.44 train to Aix-en-Provence