Fundamental Properties

Participants: Philipp Keller, Cian Dorr, Jessica Leech, Keith Hossack, Aviv Hoffmann, Olivier Massin, Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra.

Location: SO 019, rue St. Ours 5


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Saturday, 30th of May:

  • 10h00 Cian Dorr: The notion of definition and its connection to primitiveness/fundamentality
  • 11h45 coffee break
  • 12h00 Jess Leech: Kant and modal judgment
  • 13h00 lunch at the Emilios, 7 rue Leschot
  • 14h15 Aviv Hoffmann: Defining "Intrinsic": The Problem of Perfectly Natural Properties
  • 15h15 coffee break
  • 15h30 Philipp Keller: Explanation by Things, and: why everything is positive
  • 16h30 coffee break
  • 16h45 Keith Hossack: "And"
  • 20 dinner at the Vieux Martin, rue Prévost-Martin 31

Sunday, 31st of May:

  • 10h00 Fraser MacBride: The Unity of the Proposition
  • 11h45 coffee break
  • 12h00 Olivier Massin: Impenetrability
  • 13h00 lunch at the Rond Point
  • 14h15 Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra: Resemblance Nominalism, conjunction and truthmakers
  • 16h00 coffee break
  • 16h15 Ghislain Guigon: Bringing about and conjunction: a reply to Bigelow on omnificence
  • 17h15 coffee break
  • 17.30 eidos organisational meeting
  • 20 dinner at the Pignata, avenue du Mail, 3


If you want to participate, please contact the organiser, Philipp Keller. Everyone welcome.