Properties, Parts and Values

Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation ("Fundamentality and Perspectivality", 101115-135419), eidos, the Centre for Metaphysics at the University of Geneva, organises a graduate course consisting of five workshops. The aim of the workshops is to give Swiss philosophers the opportunity to discuss some issues of recent controversy with some of the best international philosophers in the field.

Students participating in the closely connected graduate seminar "How Things Are" are especially welcome to attend.

The workshops take place at the University of Geneva and are open to anyone interested. To faciliate organisation, please tell me what meals you want to attend at least one week in advance (see below).

The workshops are open to everyone. No registration fees.

Programme (click here for a print-out):
Geneva, May 28 and 29. The conference starts on the morning of Saturday, the 28th, and ends on the evening of Sunday, the 29th of May. Immediately preceding the conference, there is another one, on organic unities, organised by Alain Pé-Curto.

Speakers (confirmed): Kris McDaniel, Kathrin Koslicki, Wlodek Rabinowicz.


  • Friday evening (optional):
    • 18.15-20: talk @ PhilEAs, Stephan Torre (Oxford / Oriel College), Against Scientifically Motivated Restrictions on Diachronic Composition (Uni Bastions, B 105)
    • dinner with the PhilEAs people; we are meeting at 20h00 in front of the main university building Bastions (map below).
  • Saturday (L 208, 2, rue de Candolle)
    • 10.30-12: Kris McDaniel, Parthood and Relative Identity
    • lunch at Emilios, rue Leschot 7 (0223216185)
    • 14-15: Philipp Keller, Representation and intentionality: where intrinsicness/extrinsicness and non-/relationality crosscut
    • 15.15-16.45: discussion of Kathrin Koslicki, The structure of objects
    • 17-18.15: Wlodek Rabinowicz, Aggregation
    • 20 dinner at the St. Jean, 4 rue du Vieux-Billard (0223283444)
  • Sunday (L 208, 2, rue de Candolle)
    • 10.30-12: Wlodek Rabinowicz, Millian Superiorities
    • lunch at the Remor, Place du Cirque 3 (0223281270)
    • 14-15.30: Kathrin Koslicki, Modal and Non-Modal Conceptions of Essence
    • 15.45-16.45: Philipp Keller, Heterogeneous simples
    • 17-17.45: discussion on organic unities
    • 19 dinner at the Bain des Pâquis, quai du Mont-Blanc 34 (0227381616)