Truth and Imperatives

Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation ("The Metaphysics of Representation", 101115-141421), eidos, the Centre for Metaphysics at the University of Geneva, organises a graduate course consisting of five workshops. The aim of the workshops is to give Swiss philosophers, in particular PhD students, the opportunity to discuss some issues of recent controversy with some of the best international philosophers in the field.

The workshops take place at the University of Geneva and are free. Advance Registration is required, as the SNSF asks for a list of participating PhD students. To faciliate discussion, participants should commit to participating in the whole of the workshop.

Programme (click here for a print-out):

Geneva, June 16 - June 18. The conference starts on the morning of Saturday, the 16th of June, and ends on the evening of Monday, the 18th of June.

Speakers: Josh Parsons, Dan Zeman, Isidora Stojanovic, Sanna Hirvonen, Philipp Keller.

  • Friday dinner: we are meeting at 19h00 at the Café L'Ivresse and eating at 9 at the Milan, 9 rue Chaponnière.
  • Saturday (L208; 2, rue de Candolle; 2nd floor):
    • 10.30-12: Josh Parsons, The problem of imperative consequence (roughly the first half of "Command and Consequence", and other material)
    • lunch
    • 13.30-15: Sanna Hirvonen, Should relativists endorse Gibbardian pragmatics?
    • 15.15-16.45: Julien Dutant, Non-truth conditional semantics and factive attitudes
    • 17-18: discussion session 1
    • dinner
  • Sunday (S019, 5 St Ours, door code 8436):
  • Monday (L208; 2, rue de Candolle; 2nd floor):
    • 10.30-12: Josh Parsons, Prospects for prescriptivism
    • lunch
    • 13.30-15: Dan Zeman, Radical Relativism, Retraction and 'Being at Fault'
    • 15.15-16.45: Philipp Keller, Expressivism about Belief
    • 17-18: discussion session 3
    • dinner

Other readings: