What did we learn from two-dimensionalism?l

Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation ("The Metaphysics of Representation", 101115-141421), eidos, the Centre for Metaphysics at the University of Geneva, organises a graduate course consisting of five workshops. The aim of the workshops is to give Swiss philosophers, in particular PhD students, the opportunity to discuss some issues of recent controversy with some of the best international philosophers in the field.

The workshops take place at the University of Geneva and are free. Advance Registration is required, as the SNSF asks for a list of participating PhD students. To faciliate discussion, participants should commit to participating in the whole of the workshop.

Programme (click here for a print-out):

Geneva, July 6 - July 8. The conference starts on the morning of Friday, the 6th of July, and ends on the evening of Sunday, the 8th of July.

Speakers (confirmed): Manuel García-Carpintero, Gregory Bochner, Teresa Marques, Alfredo Tomasetta, Jens Kipper, Neil Mehta, Uriah Kriegel, Robert Michels.

  • Friday (L208; 2, rue de Candolle; 2nd floor):
    • 10.30-12: Philipp Keller, Semantic Relationalism and the Metaphysics of Words
    • lunch
    • 14-15.30: Alfredo Tomasetta, Conceivability, primary possibility, and the 2D-argument against materialism
    • 15.45-17.15: Jens Kipper, On what is a priori about the necessary a posteriori
    • 17.30-18: discussion session 1: 2D and the Apriori
    • dinner
  • Saturday (L208; 2, rue de Candolle; 2nd floor):
    • 9.15-10.45: Teresa Marques, De se properties and the puzzle of conflicting attitudes
    • 11-12.30: Manuel García-Carpintero, 2D and de-se
    • lunch
    • 14.30-16: Neil Mehta, Bridging all explanatory gaps
    • 16.15-17.45: Uriah Kriegel, Two Notions of Mental Representation
    • dinner
  • Sunday (L208; 2, rue de Candolle; 2nd floor (where the department is)):
    • 10.30-12: Robert Michels, Necessity and A Priority in Two-Dimensional Semantics
    • lunch
    • 14-15.30: Philipp Keller, n-Dimensionalism
    • 15.45-17.15: Gregory Bochner, Possible words considered as actual
    • 17.30-18: discussion session: Twodimensionalism and Mental Content
    • dinner


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