dialectica goes OA - launch meeting

workshop in Ligerz, Wednesday, January 29 (evening) – Sunday, February 2 2020 (noon)

As part of the Swiss Doctoral Programme in Philosophy, I am organising for ου̉σία, the Centre for the Philosophy and Theology of Being at the University of Lucerne, a small and informal workshop in beautiful Ligerz. Its main aim is to make substantial progress on two different, though related, projects:

  • Journal flipping: making dialectica freely available at http://dialectica.philosophie.ch from 1/2020 on, that is:
    1. establishing a graphic standard and the tools needed to make manuscripts confirm to it;
    2. offering current and past articles both as pdfs and in html format, with cross-linked references;
    3. registering the journal as OA and apply for APCs and BPCs.
  • Academic toolkit for philosophers: offering additional services to dialectica's stakeholders (EC members, authors, referees) and ultimately to the philosophical community as a whole, such as:
    1. a tailored system for blind refereeing that makes at least part of the process transparent;
    2. searchable and editable bibliographies of papers published in dialectica, of books reviewed, of topics and historical figures;
    3. full-text access to articles and books cited by dialectica articles.

In relation to both projects, we should decide on a work-plan, a schedule, a distribution of tasks and a definition of functionalities, in particular we should distribute the roles in the SNF "Spark" project that pays for the OA flipping.

Documentation. I am working on a "working paper" which is downloadable here - any additions, suggestions, comments, contributions extremely welcome! Just send them to me in copy/pasteable format and I'll put them in (I update the document every day). It may be helpful if you had a look at this, in preparation for the meeting.

Participation. Ideally, participants arrive by Wednesday evening and stay at least until Sunday noon. If necessary, attendance of single days is possible.

Kids. If you need or want to bring your kids to Ligerz, you are very welcome. I would also be very happy to organise (and pay for) a separate children's programme, e.g. on Saturday.

Programme. The programme is tentative and will be adapted as a function of the availability of participants:

  • Thursday: functionalities of the websites, technical possibilities, challenges and tasks; workplan for 2020
  • Friday: dialectica as an OA journal: marketing, registration, refereeing process, comparison with other philosophy journals, relationship with the ESAP
  • Saturday: Editorial Board meeting of dialectica, formalisation of the cooperation with philosophie.ch, business plan
  • Sunday morning: bibliographical tools and indices, keywords and search tags

Location. The conference takes place in the beautifully located bilingual village of Ligerz / Gléresse, on the shores of the lake of Biel/Bienne (also bilingual):

Talks and meals are at the Aarbergerhaus, where a beamer and facilities to print out handouts are available. Participants stay at the so-called "Louis Haus", where there's also a small bar for late-night drinks. When you get out of the train arriving either from Neuchâtel or from Biel/Bienne, and you face the mountain and the church (turning your back to the lake), the Aarbergerhaus is to your right (in the direction of Biel/Bienne), about 150 m along the main road. You reach it after passing by the hotel "Kreuz" and by going through a garden door located at your left (facing Biel/Bienne), just before there is a street for cars on your right going over a small bridge (in the direction of the lake). Please come there when you arrive. (The Louis-Haus, in contrast, is to your left, about 50m through the pedestrian street, on your right just before the fountain).

Travel. Ligerz is mid-way between Biel/Bienne and Neuchâtel and reachable by train in 1h43 from Zurich Airport, in 1h50 from Geneva Airport and in 1h55 from Basel EuroAirport. Check the Swiss railways website for timetables.