Themes from Baxter II

Following up on the conference "Themes from Baxter" (May 26 - May 28 2012) and funded by the CRUS (École Doctorale de Philosophie Contemporaine) and the Swiss National Science Foundation ("Lesser Entities", 101112-147361), eidos, the Centre for Metaphysics at the University of Geneva, organises a conference on the themes from the philosophy of Don Baxter.

The conference will take place at the "Aarbergerhus" on the lake of Bienne. Everyone's welcome, but advance registration is required.

Possible topics include:

  • identity;
  • aspects, respects;
  • composition and identity;
  • objectivity, existence, counting;
  • perspectival facts, first-person perspective;
  • ways and degrees of being

Particularly welcome are moderated discussion sessions, around a theme and including short inputs by the participants.


Click here for a pdf version of the programme.

Monday, 21st of October: Arrival day.

Tuesday, 22nd of October: Aspects and Respects
Wednesday, 23rd of October: Perspectivality
Thursday, 24th of October: Existence and Being
Friday, 25th of October: Time and Identity

Conference Organization

Invited participants will receive:

  • a lump sum towards their travel costs
  • accommodation in a simple single room at the "Louis Haus" (shower on the corridor)
  • simple breakfast, lunch and dinner (this is not served, but has to be got in the kitchen)

Coffees and other beverages, as well as nighttime amusement are at the participants costs.

Registered Swiss PhD students in shared rooms get their accommodation and food costs subsidised (103 CHF / night).

For any questions, please contact the conference organiser Philipp Blum.


Boris Hennig has a very bibliography on "insofar as".